Long Lasting Lashes - Cosmopolitan Appproved!

Oh Yours Beauty lash styles are made from synthetic fibres hence they are cruelty free and vegan friendly. 

Quality and affordability has always been a focus for our team in product development, and we are incredibly proud to have been featured in a Cosmopolitan article due to the quality and durability of our lashes! 

We should all see a good pair of lashes as an investment. If treated with care, you can get up to 20 wears out of your Oh Yours Beauty lashes. 


Check out what our customers are saying

“I get so many uses out of each pair and they compliment my makeup perfectly!”
Emily on New York
“These are great with my full glam looks they are so fluffy and I have used them so many times”
GeGe on Miami
“I have worn mine a couple times and they don’t lose shape. They are one of my fave styles”
Gena on Tokyo

“These lashes are soooo fluffy and add just the right amount of drama to an eye look! Super each to apply, really can’t go wrong!"
Maddison on Havana



Here are our top tips for lash aftercare to make sure you get the most out of them!

Be Gentle
When removing your lashes you need to be as gentle as when you applied them

Remove Glue
Use tweezers to gently remove excess glue from your lashes after each wear

Store lashes in their packaging
Use the original packaging to keep your lashes safe and clean 

For more tips and tricks on after care check out our full blog post How To Remove Strip Lashes Without Damaging Yours


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