How To Remove Strip Lashes Without Damaging Yours


So the hardest part is out of the way - you successfully applied your strip lashes for your night out and you looked BOMB!

Check out our previous post here for tips on successfully applying false lashes!

Now you’re home wondering how best to remove your strip lashes without damaging your naturally lashes or damaging your false lashes. Don’t worry Oh Your Lash has got you covered with top tips on how to successfully remove your strip false lashes.

  1. Remove Your Eye Makeup

This may sound like an obvious tip but there are so many people who remove their lashes before removing their makeup! This first step allows you to get your makeup remover in direct contact with the lash line and therefore the glue/adhesive.

  1. Apply a cotton swab with eye makeup remover on the lash line

Using a small amount of eye makeup remover on a cotton swab or pad, gently rub the line of glue on your lash line until you can’t see any more glue. Let the lashes sit for up to 30 seconds after this step.

  1. Remove the false eyelashes

If treated carefully our lashes can be used up to 20 times so this is the moment to be gentle! Remove the lashes with care starting form the inner corner of the eye and making sure to grab the false eyelashes as close to your eyelid as possible so not to damage the lash. They should come off easily - if you are feeling tension when trying to pull them off then apply more makeup remover.

  1. Remove any excess lash glue on your eyelids

Apply some more eye makeup remover on a cotton swab and gentle rub this over your eyelid. Finish the job by washing your face with warm water and pat your eyelids dry.


An alternative for eye makeup remover

If you don’t have any at home don’t worry - you can follow the above steps using the following alternatives:

  • Micellar Water: If you are planning on reusing your false lashes make sure it is an oil free liquid makeup remover
  • Oil - be careful when using oil if you are planning to reuse the lashes. Oil will remove the glue very easily however it will coat the false lashes and make them unusable in the future. Therefore only use oil if you are planning on throwing your lashes away - maybe after the 20th use ;)


Remember, applying a thin layer of glue on application will make the process of removal easier and will also make your lashes last longer!



Oh Your Lash xo

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