How To Apply False Eyelashes



There is nothing worse than completing an amazing makeup look where your highlight is on fleek, your cut crease is perfect but you are struggling to apply your strip lashes. This struggle often leads to you ruining the eye makeup you worked so hard on.

We are leaving this struggle in 2018! Oh Your Lash is here to give you the major keys needed for you to apply your lashes perfectly each and every time.


1. Measure the lashes against your eye 

Eyelashes are not one size fits all! So when you remove them from the packaging you have to measure them against your eye and cut them to size according to your eye shape. The strip lash should start where your natural cluster of eyelashes begin. If you apply them too close to the inner corner of your eye this will cause irritation.

Depending on the lash style you can decide whether to trim them from the outer edge or the inner corner.


2. Reshape the lashes 

This is a very important step for applying lashes! Sometimes the lashes flatten when you remove them from the packaging; if you apply them in this flat state then they may pop up at the corners of your eye once they are applied.

You must bend the lashes to create a curve, to soften the band and remove the flattened shape.


3. Apply the glue correctly

Apply a thin layer of glue from corner to corner. Hold the lashes upside down with the lashes facing upwards when applying the glue - this is so the glue does not trickle down and damage the lashes.

Once the glue is applied wait 40-50 seconds for the glue to become tacking before applying!


4. Place the lashes on your lash line

Using tweezers or an applicator, place the centre of the strip lash to the centre of your lash line. Use the tweezers to place the outer edger and inner corner.

Don’t be afraid to use your fingers to press the strip lash against your lash line to bond the false lashes to your real lashes!


We hope you have found this helpful and you are ready to boss the eyelash game!


Oh Your Lash xo


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