Best Halloween Makeup Looks 2018

Halloween is the best time of year for any makeup enthusiast to let their creativity shine.

Here are some of our favourite looks this year from talented makeup artists and beauty bloggers who are not afraid to look terrifyingly FIERCE!


The Leopard, Glam Skull & Clown 

Meet @beautybyaudz the Maltese MUA and makeup enthusiast who has absolutely slayed this season with her diverse halloween makeup looks. 

Leopard | Sydney Lashes | SHOP

Glam Skull | Paris Lashes | SHOP 

Clown | #101 Lashes | SHOP

@beautybyaudz shares her thoughts on her halloween clown look:

"The halloween clown look I created is a blend of both spookiness and glam. Apart from the constant eye shadow blending to map out the shapes and contours of my face, I also used face paints to outline the neck area as well as adding glitter and small gems for that extra sparkle. The look, however, wasn't completed until I made use of the beautiful and dramatic lashes in #101. I believe that these lashes definitely complement the look giving it that extra dimension to make the eyes pop! These lashes are undoubtedly my favourite from the entire collection, especially due to their fluffiness, length and level of drama! ❤❤"



The Creative Bat 

@makeup.lois is a UK based makeup artist and nail technician consistently pushing the boundaries on what it means to be creative! 

Her inspiration for this look came from @milk1422 - if your are ever stuck for makeup ideas this is a page you should definitely be following. 

Lois advises using small precise brushes to achieve the detail on this look.  

Creative Bat | #118 Lashes | SHOP

Face Chart | @milk1422

Burnt & Stitched 

@kaitlynnjohnsonn_ is a SFX makeup artist so naturally halloween is her favourite time of year. She has pushed the boundaries this year, trading glam for gory which has really showcased her skills as an artist. 

"I find a lot of my inspiration on Pinterest , I saw one similar and decided to make this ‘pretty’ as well as scary. The look is created with basic liquid latex and toilet paper."

Burn Baby | #118 Lashes | SHOP

Stitched Mouth | Sydney Lashes | SHOP


Now you've seen our favourite halloween looks it's now your time to get creative and nail your halloween look on the 31st!

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